padety FAQ

who is padety

padety is a company in the growth phase, we always look for the best for the customer

Can I add another order to the purchase I made?

Não, após finalizada, a Compra não poderá ser alterada. Para adquirir outro produto, você deverá iniciar uma nova Compra.  

I didn't receive all the orders from my account/or damaged orders

Contact, we will respond as quickly as possible

how wheel spin works

1- when entering the store, wait 1.5 seconds
2- enter your email
3- discounts are shown and active in the shopping cart

how shipping costs work

in padety you do not pay shipping costs

How do I check product stock

On the website, if there is a shopping cart visible when completing the order, it means that the product is in stock.

payment methods

The payment methods are as follows:

3-American Express
4-apple pay


Can I change the delivery address?

Yes, but only before completing the Purchase on the website. Once completed, the Purchase can no longer be changed.

If you have any questions, please contact or other means of support available, such as the floating button in the bottom right corner

Can I add or exclude products from the shopping cart?

Yes, but only before completing the purchase on the website. To include, just click on the plus and, to delete, on the trash.

What is the procedure if there is a double payment?

 You can contact or by other means of service available.

In this contact, you can request the cancellation of the duplicate payment. After analysis, If you have proof, we will refund you.

What if the product I need to exchange is no longer in stock?

We will arrange for cancellation of the Purchase and refund of payment

How to return a defective product

To return a product, simply contact and we will guide you through the process.
Returning defective products has a period of 10 days to make a claim

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