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Nail Grinder Nail Transformer Model 2000 Electric Nail Grinder Nail Remover Nail Machine

Nail Grinder Nail Transformer Model 2000 Electric Nail Grinder Nail Remover Nail Machine

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Product Name: red box 2000 grinder

Product introduction: the speed can reach 20000 rpm

It can rotate in both positive and negative directions, and the fuselage is stable and dry during operation

Replaceable grinding head, easy to operate




Personal care products for making crystal nails and polishing surface nails and edges. The utility model has the advantages of good shaping, good shaping and anti polishing, and the utility model has the functions of adjusting the bending and anti polishing of the hand. It is easy to use, safe and does not hurt hands.



Easy to use speed controller.

Positive and negative direction control switch.

Daily beauty care,

Using these devices, you can easily polish your nails and produce bright nails.

Used for manicure and polish.

Suitable for nail salons, beauty salons or household use.

The package includes:

1 * power supply

1 * handle

1 * Support

6 * metal grinding head

6 * abrasive cloth grinding head

1 * instructions

The machine is cost-effective. High speed, stable performance, polish the handle!

The fuselage has switches, stepless speed regulation, forward and reverse rotation. Don't miss the one you like



Host part:

Input voltage: 220V AC or 110V optional

Output voltage: 0-17v DC

Maximum power consumption: 10W

Output current: 1000mA

Color: gray, pink, white

Size: 1300mm - 85mm - 60mm

Weight: 675g

Handle / working voltage: dc1-17v

Rated current: 0-1000mm

Size: 14.5 * 2.5 * 2.5cm

Weight: 160g

Package size: 24.5 * 15 * 6.5cm

Package weight: 900g

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